Ultrasound Fat Lipolysis


The custom contouring capabilities of our Ultrasound Lipolysis system target and eliminate fat around your waist – in your abdomen and in the dreaded love handles – to help noticeably slim your waistline.


 This new technology uses ultrasound waves to remove subcutaneous fat deposits to improve body shape.

      In the battle to look your best, there’s nothing more frustrating than that stubborn “last inch” you’re trying to shed – especially around your waistline!  

The procedure involves moving an ultrasound hand-piece over the problem area, for example fatty deposits on the hips or abdomen.  The low frequency ultrasound wave passes through the skin and focuses on the deep subcutaneous fat layer where it acts to disrupt the fat cells, rupturing them and causing them to release their contents.  


This is a specific mechanical effect called “cavitation”.  The contents of the destroyed fat cells are then released and carried away by the lymph system to the liver for removal

                   Ultrasound Lipolysis is not liposuction or surgery, and is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and exercise.  But it is a quick, easy way to help you slim that last inch and reach your personal shape goals!


Invasive surgical fat reduction procedures, such as liposuction, typically carry certain surgical risks and are associated with significant post-treatment recovery downtimes.  


Unlike these procedures, our Ultrasound Lipolysis treatment is non-invasive and clients typically resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure.

Other advantages of Ultrasound Lipolysis include;


Ultrasound lipolysis is suitable for areas of excess fat collections that are difficult to remove through diet and suitable exercise.   It is best for re-contouring small to medium sized problem areas.


Typical areas that are treated are:

* Upper arms
* Hips/ buttocks
* Abdomen 
* Thighs (saddle bags)
* Flanks (love handles)
* Inner knees


How long is each treatment and how many treatments?

Typically one area takes 30- 45 minutes. 
It is recommended that 8 to 10 sessions are necessary to achieve the best results.


Is it permanent?

Yes, as the released triglycerides and cellular waste are metabolized and removed by the body.  Provided you maintain a stable weight, the effect will be long term.


How can you help to get the best results?

It is recommended that you maintain a low fat diet and suitable exercise programme that, at least, maintains a stable weight. 

Massaging and lymph drainage can also enhance results.

Remain well hydrated before and after the treatment for up to 4 days.


Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks (which is the time needed for the body to naturally process the treated fat).


Are there any limitations?

Ultrasound Lipolysis is not for everyone. But if you are close to your ideal size and have stubborn, unwanted fat you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise, then yes, Ultrasound Lipolysis may be for you.  


The best way to know for sure is to make an appointment for an assessment to evaluate if the area of fat deposit, size and skin tone are suitable for this treatment. 


Ultrasound Lipolysis is not used in the following conditions:

* Pregnancy or breastfeeding
* If a cardiac pacemaker or metal implant is present
* Liver and/or pancreatic disease
* Coagulation problems e.g. anticoagulant therapy, haemophilia


Are there any Side effects?

Side effects are very uncommon but can include bruising, mild redness, and slight swelling over the treated areas.  These are all temporary.


Treatment pricing

After we assess your suitability, a treatment package will be recommended.  The pricing will vary depending on the areas treated. 


To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, or for more information, call us now on 1300 33 87 11, or book in for a consultation.


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