Complaints and Feedback Policy


Melbourne Cosmetic Group’s complaints and feedback handling policy and procedure:

Melbourne Cosmetic Group is committed to ensuring customers can access prompt, efficient and courteous complaints management that provides accountability and transparency while addressing complaints and concerns in a fair and transparent manner.


Your feedback about our organisation, its products, services, staff, and handling of complaints is important to us and we encourage you to get in touch.


Melbourne Cosmetic Group will respond to complaints and feedback in line with this policy and considers regulatory guides from AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia when handling complaints and feedback.


Melbourne Cosmetic Group’s commitment:

If you contact Melbourne Cosmetic Group with feedback or a complaint, we will:

  • treat you with respect;
  • tell you what to expect while your complaint is being assessed;
  • carry out the complaint management process in a fair and open way; and
  • provide you with reasons for decisions that are made.

We will always treat you with respect and courtesy and ask that you treat us the same.

We will protect your privacy in accordance with our Privacy Policy (which may be viewed here)


Making a complaint:

If you have a complaint or would like clarification from us, please:

Call us on: 1300 33 87 11
Email us at: [email protected]
Or write to us at:

Melbourne Cosmetic Group
Level 1

249 Canterbury Road

Forest Hill   VIC    3131


Most complaints can be resolved quickly, and we encourage you to contact us.


Management of complaints:

Melbourne Cosmetic Group will acknowledge your complaint within one business day, or as soon as practicable.

All complaints require proper investigation, and we want to ensure that our response to you addresses the issues raised in your complaint.  We will provide you an initial response within 14 calendar days (10 business days) of receiving your complaint. However, where further information is required from you or outside sources, Melbourne Cosmetic Group aims to resolve complaints within 21 calendar days of receiving all the required information.

Where it is not reasonably possible to resolve your complaint within this timeframe, Melbourne Cosmetic Group will advise you of the reason and provide you with an indication of the alternative resolution timeframe.

Melbourne Cosmetic Group aims to provide you with a single point of contact. If you are not comfortable approaching this person, or it is not appropriate to do so, your complaint will be referred to another member of Melbourne Cosmetic Group’s staff.


In most cases, Melbourne Cosmetic Group will provide final response to your complaint in writing. We will explain to you the outcome of our investigation and your rights to refer your complaint to a third party if you remain dissatisfied.


 Options for resolution include, but are not limited to:

  • explaining the process that led to the complaint;
  • educating staff;
  • educating the complainant;
  • the offer of an apology;
  • reflection, improvement, and ongoing monitoring.

If you are not happy with the resolution of your complaint, you may request that your complaint be escalated for review.


External Dispute Resolution:

If you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint after completion of Melbourne Cosmetic Group’s internal processes and procedures, you may take your complaint to the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC).

HCC’s contact details are:
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street

Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Ph: 1300582113

Policy review:

Melbourne Cosmetic Group will review its complaints handling policy and procedures every 12 months or as otherwise appropriate.