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Anti Wrinkle Injections

At the Melbourne Cosmetic Group we offer men and women Anti-Wrinkle Injections – an effective, fast, non-surgical way to achieve a smoother, improved and more youthful appearance!


What is a ‘natural’ appearance?

Facial ageing is determined by a range of factors, predominantly sun exposure, smoking, muscle activity and the genes you inherited.  As we get older, skin loses its elasticity, folds develop and wrinkles form as a result. These facial wrinkles most often appear in the upper face – and are better known as crow’s feet, forehead furrows and frown lines.

         A natural appearance is achieved by preserving normal expression while relaxing and softening the unwanted lines and wrinkles that reflect ageing.  Just one anti-wrinkle injection treatment brings about a noticeable improvement!

What types of wrinkles are there?

There are two types of wrinkles on the face;

1) Static wrinkles – are those present when the facial muscles are at rest – they are caused by aging and sun damage and can be reduced by Dermal Fillerslaser resurfacingMicrodermabrasion,  and Peels.


2) Dynamic wrinkles or movement wrinkles –  these are  caused when our facial muscles contract; e.g. frowning and smiling.


Anti-wrinkle Injections will initially help dynamic wrinkles the most, but will gradually reduce most static wrinkles if used for long enough.


How is the treatment carried out?

Our experienced injectors use a well-known, highly purified natural protein.


Due to government advertising restrictions from the Therapeutic Goods Authority, the actual names of the anti-wrinkle injections cannot be used here. 


This substance is injected into the target area in small amounts using tiny needles, where it relaxes the muscles. The process takes only a short time to perform. The needles used are extremely fine, and only a small volume is injected. The discomfort experienced is minimal and usually well tolerated. We always use ice on the area prior to treatment to help reduce any discomfort.  If you prefer, you can pre-purchase a special numbing cream from us, which needs to be applied to the area to be treated one hour before your appointment.


The treatment starts taking effect two to four days following injection, and improvement generally lasts three to six months, before gradually fading as the muscle action returns.

Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane

Areas treated:

Other areas that can be treated are:

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to reduce teeth grinding or ‘bruxism’, headaches caused by muscle contraction, as well as help to reduce sweating when injected into the underarms.

Anti-wrinkle injections can also be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to help treat both static and dynamic wrinkles.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Yes.  Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for cosmetic purposes for over twenty years, and for medical purposes for even longer without any reports of long-term side effects.  Each year thousands of patients receive these treatments for a variety of conditions, and allergic reactions are extremely rare.

Why choose The Melbourne Cosmetic Group?

1) Experience– our doctors and nurses specialise in anti-wrinkle injections and have extensive experience in their application.

2) Comfort – We offer a variety of techniques, including ice rollers, topical anaesthetic cream and Penthrox (green whistle) to help alleviate any discomfort and anxiety from the procedure.

The next step is simply contacting us here at the Melbourne Cosmetic Group for your initial anti-wrinkle injection consultation, where we will discuss with you what is a realistic and achievable outcome, and what to expect from your treatment.

Making that first phone call about any cosmetic procedure can be a confronting task and many of our patients have preferred filling out our online enquiry form. We can then contact you with an understanding of the results you are hopeful of achieving and ensure the treatment is appropriate.

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