Carbon Facials

Our Carbon Facials work to reduce pore size, decrease acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, reduce the signs of ageing and revitalise your skin with an instant glow.  


If you haven’t heard of it, that’s because it’s the latest trend in non-invasive skin treatments that combine dermatologically-approved carbon creme with laser technology to peel off the outer layer of skin for an instantly clear, radiant complexion on the face and neck!



What happens during treatment?


During treatment, our therapist will start by cleansing your face to clear away dirt and excess oil. A special carbon creme is then applied onto your skin and allowed to absorb for about 10 minutes. 


Afterwards, our therapist will use a laser hand piece to deliver pulsed light rays onto the treatment area, removing the carbon creme together with dead epidermal skin cells, without doing harm to surrounding tissue!

Our Carbon Facials work to:

Our Carbon Facials are painless, non-invasive and require no down time, making them perfect for busy people looking to improve their skin before a big event!



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