What is  SHR IPL Hair Reduction?

SHR IPL Hair Reduction is a revolutionary new method for permanent hair removal that is virtually pain & side effect free.


In comparison to other slightly dated laser and IPL methods, SHR IPL Hair Reduction provides faster, safer and pain free hair reduction treatments for our clients.




How is it used?

Most conventional IPL hair removal technologies utilize massive amounts of heat to destroy hair follicles and ensure permanent reduction. On the other hand, our SHR IPL device fires multiple shots but at lower Joules.


This new method gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation—some clients compare it to a warm massage. In-Motion™ technology is utilised by moving the hand piece over the treated skin which contributes to the overall comfort felt by our customers during their hair reduction treatments.


IPL hair removal


Can SHR IPL Hair Reduction be used on all parts of the body?

Yes, except around the eyes.


IPL hair removal back


Is SHR IPL effective on all hair colors?

Yes, as long as the hair has some pigment. IPL will not work on white or grey hair, as it has very little pigment.


How often do I have to have treatments?

That depends on the treatment you are having and your own body. Your IPL therapist will assess you and give you information about your specific requirements.


Why do I need several treatments? 

Hair growth occurs in 4 stages: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth), Catagen (regression) and Telogen (resting, not growing).


SHR IPL hair removal only affects the Anagen stage (actively growing hair). Therefore, approximately twenty-five-percent of hair is removed with each treatment. A few treatments are therefore required for the treatment area to be hair free.


IPL hair removal chin face


Can I remove hair between treatments?

Yes, any excess hair can be shaved between treatments. You should not, however, remove hair by waxing, tweezing, epilady or any similar methods.


How long will it take for the hairs to fall out?

Approximately 2-3 weeks. Again, this will depend on the treatment you are having and your own body.


Will it hurt?

Generally, SHR IPL treatments do not hurt, although sometimes there is a burning sensation (like mild sunburn) for a few hours after treatment.


Can I go straight back to work or is there any down time?

Usually you can go straight back to work.


I am pregnant or breast feeding. Can I still have IPL treatments?

Although there is no evidence at this time of foetal harm from a light-based system, we do not treat women who are pregnant.


How much does it cost?

Upper lip                        $40 Chest                  from $400  
Upper lip + chin$80 Half chestfrom $220
Upper lip + chin + sideburns   $120 Nipples$80
Sideburns$50 Snail trail$100
Neck (front or back)$90  
Backfrom $450         Underarms$60
Half backfrom $250 Full armsfrom $300
Shoulders$100 Half armsfrom $200
Full legsfrom $550 Bikini Line$70
Upper legsfrom $350 Brazilian$120
Lower legsfrom $320 XXX$180

All prices are per session and inclusive of GST


Can I buy a home laser device and do it myself?

Home laser devices and IPL home devices are available in Australia and cost between $200 and $1,000. But they don’t tend to work as well and you need to use them repeatedly to maintain hair reduction.


Parameters are only set for people with fair skin (Fitzpatrick types 1 and 2) and dark hair. For safety, energy settings are capped. And in inexperienced hands, complications may still arise. This includes burns, pain, blistering and changes to skin pigmentation.


By contrast, medical grade devices must be registered with the government regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.  There are also national and state-based regulations for the facility where the laser is used, compulsory laser safety training certifications, and state-based qualifications and licensing for device operators.


So, a safe and regulated IPL device in the hands of a skilled professional is recommended.


To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, or for more information, call us now on 1300 33 87 11, or book in for a consultation


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