Blood Vessel Laser

What are lasers used for?

Lasers can be used to reduce or eliminate unsightly small veins and capillaries that appear on the skin, diverting the blood deeper into the skin, where it is not so visible from the surface.  

The most common treatment is for ‘broken’ capillaries in the facial area. These capillaries are not broken at all; they are just enlarged as a result of ageing, sun damage and/or local irritation.


How do lasers work?

Blood vessel lasers commonly emit light at the 532nm wavelength.  This is the wavelength where the ‘red’ colour of the blood vessel absorbs most of the laser energy and results in shrinkage of the vessel.  The blood vessels are ‘traced’ with the laser hand-piece to minimize exposure of the surrounding skin.  

Blood Vessel Laser has been performed for many years and is a reliable and safe treatment.  It has fewer risks than the old ‘needling’ techniques.  With laser, no needles are used, only high-energy light.

blood vessel laser, IPL


How many treatments are required?

Commonly, 3-6 treatments are needed, spaced at 4-6 weekly intervals, although it depends on the individual and the type of blood vessel treated.

What are the possible side effects?

Common side effects include:

    The majority of patients experience only transient redness

Rare side effects include:

A Doctor’s examination is required before any Laser treatment, and this type of Laser treatment is only done by Doctors trained in Laser work.  


You will be given an Informed Consent form to sign before the procedure, and an After Treatment Skin Care Sheet to take home.

Case Study 1:

This 46 year old man developed severe facial blood vessels around his nose following surgical reconstruction after a motor vehicle accident some years earlier.


We were able to give him a marked improvement in his appearance after only a few treatments, spaced three weeks apart.

Case Study 2:

This 78 year old man with diffuse,  superficial blood vessels over both cheeks and chin, and blotchy, light tan pigmentation over the cheek areas.


We were able to give him approximately 80-90% improvement  with a single treatment.


To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, or for more information, call us now on 1300 33 87 11, or book in for a consultation.


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