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Tattoo Removal

How Tattoo Removal Started…

 The history of tattoos dates as far back as 4000 B.C. when Egyptians began to use permanent ink in various rituals, such as religious ceremonies, and rites of passage.

In recent years, tattoos have grown in popularity as individual fashion statements.  Yet, like most things related to fashion, personal tastes change with time and outside influences.  As a result, the removal or modification of tattoos is an important and highly sought after procedure.

Tattoo regret


The Early Days of Tattoo Removal…

 The early methods used to remove a tattoo were primitive by today’s standards. The early removal procedures consisted of nothing more than stripping away layers of skin until the ink was no longer visible. It was time consuming, painful and risky. It often resulted in permanent scarring and other serious side effects, such as infection.  For many, keeping their tattoo became more desirable than the effects of removing it.

The primary removal procedures used in the early days included excision, dermabrasion, and chemical procedures using acid solutions.  More recently, cauterization, infrared coagulation, Argon lasers, and CO2 lasers have also been used.


Today, Q-switched Nd Yag lasers have made tremendous steps in advancing the safe and efficient removal of tattoos.  Here at the Melbourne Cosmetic Group we use a highly specialized Q-switched Nd Yag laser, designed exclusively for tattoo removal, making the process easier and safer than ever before.

Laser tattoo removal


Laser tattoo removal After 8 treatments

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