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Clear, even-toned skin is the envy of everybody - if you are fortunate enough to have it!

In Australia, excessive pigmentation or 'hyperpigmentation' is a very common condition in which patches of skin turn darker in colour than surrounding skin.  This is caused when too much brown pigment (melanin) is in the skin.

Face Before & After

Another form of hyperpigmentation is known as lentigines (most commonly known as age or liver spots). These are caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation (UV rays from the sun), which damage the skin's surface and underlying structures.  This sun damage presents as small dark spots generally found on the face, chest and hands, but which can also occur in any area constantly exposed to UV radiation.

Remember UV radiation occurs even when it is not sunny!
Even on a cloudy day, significant amounts of UV radiation can penetrate through glass and car windows and have an adverse affect on the skin.

Managing hyperpigmentation

Effective hyperpigmentation treatments include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and cosmeceuticals (lightening serums and preventative products including broad-spectrum sunblock). The advantages of these treatments is that there is little or no downtime (recovery period) associated with them, so you are usually able to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Pigmentation before laser treatment   Pigmentation after laser treatment
Before   After

Are you a candidate?

Whether you are a good candidate for treatment of hyperpigmentation depends upon the cause of your condition. Not all individuals will be suited to every technique or treatment. Factors which will dictate your best options include skin type, ethnicity, medical history, use of prescribed medications (such as birth control pills), your sun philosophy, your age and your skin’s healing abilities. Most often a course of combined therapies will be required to achieve and maintain the desired results.

Case Study 1

Pigmentation before laser treatment Pigmentation after laser treatment
Before After one treatment

This 38 year old Asian lady had been troubled by pigmentation on her face which had gradually darkened and increased in size over a number of years.  She had tried various over-the-counter fading creams with no success.

On her first visit to the Melbourne Cosmetic Group we assesed her skin spots to rule out any skin cancers and to determine the depth of the pigmentation.

As the pigmentation in her case was superficial we were able to remove the pigmentaion with our laser in one treatment.

Case Study 2

This 78 year old lady wanted the unsightly sunspots on the backs of her hands improved.

After a full skin check, we treated both arms with our IPL.

The images show the improvement after only one treatment.

IPL Photorejuvenation

To find out if you are suitable for this treatment, or for more information, call us now on 1300 33 87 11, or book in for a consultation.