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Permanent Make-Up

Wake up with Make-up !


Permanent Make-Up (also known as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation) is a process where permanent colour pigments are placed just below the skin's surface (between the dermis and epidermis) to instantly enhance or improve the appearance of lips, eyes, eyebrows and beauty spots. It can also be used for correction in scar camouflage, and in nipple and areola re-pigmentation.

With a topical anaesthetic, most people experience only minimal discomfort. All equipment used in the procedure is safe and hygienic. Individually packaged, single use needles are always used in all procedures. Some localized swelling, tenderness and, occasionally, slight bruising may be experienced following the procedure, but generally only lasts for a few hours.

The initial colouring may be darker than first expected for the first five to ten days, but gradually fades back to the desired result.

Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make-Up is beneficial for people who...

  • Experience lipstick bleeding problems
  • Wear contacts or glasses, have unsteady hands, or otherwise have difficulty applying makeup
  • Suffer from make-up allergies
  • Have thinning or no eyebrows
  • Suffer from alopecia (hair loss)
  • Need help to improve the appearance of scars
  • Active people whose sport or swimming involves constant make-up reapplication
  • Entertainers and models
  • Fair-haired/skinned people
  • People who simply want to enhance their features!

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